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Who we are

EFD Group is a financial consultancy company, specializing in many forms of investment practices and fund management services. We aim to provide tailored services to our customers and add diversification to each of our client's portfolio. EFD Group's parent companies are based mainly in Dubai, Switzerland, Cyprus and London. Our online representatives are working deliberately in more than 120 locations across the globe. We offer consultancy services in multiple financial and business sectors for individual and corporate clients.

Why business with EFD Group

We work with companies closely to gather all the various information, skills & tools to collaborate and come up with ideas, which are unique & are appreciated by our clients & business partners. Numbers & data speak the market these days. We have the ability to leverage our deep business data across more than fifteen vertical industries, along with financial services, business consulting etc. Our ability to focus on cross-industry capabilities like strategic services, analytics & client solutions helps us to achieve better results.

The most beneficial factors behind doing business with EFD Group are, we respect small & big investors & the utilization of invested capital stays in two different segments: sound investment & smart investment. Our risk management bifurcates the client's portfolio for both the segments & we correspond with the client personally to finalize the plan.

Moreover, EFD Group's fund management team has discovered various Investment Plans where the client has full rights to opt which one is suited for him. We work to enhance the growth of established businesses by providing them liquidity. Our liquidity providers have given us opportunity to search the established business all over the world which requires liquid to grow, along with management consultancy services with EFD Group.

Sound Investment Strategies

EFD Group provides sound investment strategies to its national & international clients, which has a commercial or exchange value that has a touchable or material existence. We have inducted more than 30 successful investment projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Europe, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, London, Turkey etc. We make sure that our physical investment strategy is logically appropriate & well tested by our qualified risk management team before our fund managers initiates the project. Learn More.

Smart Investment Strategies

A smart investment is a term which involves trading electronically in global currencies, commodities, indices and stock market. We own a team of experienced analyzers from UK, USA, Russia & UAE. On the basis of fundamental & technical workout they develop profitable strategies for our clients under the oversight of risk managers. We mainly focus on risk & reward ratio and try to make it as much as reasonable for our clients. We serve retail and institutional clients in more than 120 countries across the globe. Learn More.

Projects with Liquidity Providers

Our corporate clients have an opportunity to resume the growth of their business if the business is getting slower because of the deficiencies of liquid cash. EFD group is dealing with world class Liquidity Providers who supply the liquidity to streamline the business from roots to fruits. We have delivered more than 60 successful projects of vertical domains in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Europe, India, Bahrain, London etc. Our motif is to originate the plan, execute & finish the project inside the desired deadline. Learn More.


We believe that our skills towards financial planning and complete business solution makes us an ideal partner with you and your company. Our objective is to assist our clients and business partners in such a way so that they can achieve their business goals through consistent management process and financial consulting services by us. Our business consulting services includes services like advice, planning, implementation, business expansion, corporate finances, tracking progress etc.


Apart from core consulting expertise, we have a broad range of skills that compliment our expertise while dealing with the clients and partners.

Discipline and Motivation


Analytical and Creative Skills


Organization and Time Management


Objectivity and Independence

Why people like us?

EFD Group has earned its name from its clients and business partners. Our clients and business partners have generated outstanding results with the help of our unique strategies and ways of solving any problem.

EFD Group defines innovations. We impart innovative culture to our clients and business partners to help them in solving any problem. Our entrepreneurial nature helps us in brining new ideas, which our team processed rigorously in order to obtain long term successful results.

Our clients and business partners are our biggest strength. We motivate intelligent people from various background who believes in hard work and delivering results to our project.

EFD Group is expert in problem solving. Our first hand vision towards any problem is so deep that we can easily understand the potential of improvement that can be done. We always commit before we start any project and we always deliver what we committed.

EFD Group is

Our associated companies have more than 15 years of experience in financial sector.


We are dealing with highly regulated & licensed companies of vertical domain.


Our business planning, approach and execution is highly innovative and influential.


Our representatives are serving more than 16000 clients in 120+ locations across the globe.

Award Winner

Our parent companies are consistent in winning all major awards since 2003.

Well Organized

We are well organized with day to day business operations along with the updated compliance.

We are working with the world's leading banks & other consulting companies to provide innovative ideas & collaborative solutions.

It's easy to arrange an appointment with EFD Group's experienced and dedicated Business Consultant team. Connect with us and we'll reply by email to confirm your appointment.

During the appointment time, our Representative will explain every aspect of our Business Plan, helping the customer to draw a financial model according to the investment.

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Expert Advisory team of EFD Group is highly professional and they are designed to help you to reach at your goals. Our team take good time to learn about your financial needs and then they advise you the suitable plan as per your requirement.

Once you invest, we will support you in every aspect of your portfolio management and will keep you giving relevant knowledge about your investment and further plans through which you can enhance your profits. Read More

Security and safety of client's investment is the priority of EFD Group. One of the major concern with all financial institutions is safety and security of your transactions which you are making.

Creating a safe and secure environment for clients is our motive. This process became more important when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds online. You should always ask about the license and the regulations of the company. If the company is not regulated, then you might be in trouble. Read More

For all investment related queries, Connect with us and leave your details. One of our advisors will get back to you with in 24 hours with all relevant details. He will also explain you all the risk factors involved in your investment along with all the goals and expected return out of your portfolio.

On the basis of the conversation, you can plan your investment with us and after that, full documentation and other process will be initiated. Read More

Our "Quick Guide " will provide you simple instructions so that you can easily understand the process from joining us to start your own business with us.

No advance knowledge of the business is required as we will guide you everything from scratch.

Simply Connect with us and take a start.

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