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Gold- The Ultimate Currency

Gold is an inherently scarce commodity. In fact, the world’s supply is believed to originate in a meteor shower that took place billions of years ago. As an “extraterrestrial element,” Gold is not readily cultivated. Reserves are found deep within the Earth’s crust and require vast resources to bring to market.

For centuries, there have been many means of storing wealth, with Gold being one of them. It is commonly used as a hedge against inflation and a reliable wealth storage medium. Gold offers a good investment opportunity that is often less focused on short-term profits, making it one of the top long-term investment options. The stability of the precious metal’s prices over time makes it an important asset during times of rising uncertainties like that we’re seeing today.

Make the most of it!

Physical to Electronic

Forex against Gold is a secured service that allows people to overcome the financial crisis with the help of physical Gold. Gold of 22Carat and 24Carat purity can be utilized in it. In this service, the applicant can exchange gold bricks, bars, or ornaments with money.

Investors need to understand the risks and benefits before making a decision. Additionally, it is recommended to consult us to determine the best approach for one’s specific investment goals and risk tolerance. One must acknowledge all the terms and conditions before applying for P2E service.

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Merits of P2E

Interesting Facts

Gold investors seek higher profits in other more profitable markets such as forex. No matter the economic cycle, Gold has never been worthless! Gold prices have always been north of zero – that’s a fact!

Forex trading is the speculation on currency prices for potential profits. A forex trader can profit from up and down price movements in both the short and long term. Investors engaging in physical gold investment may not reap the benefit in a short period time. The Forex market is the most accessible financial market where trading is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. Also, the OTC trading feature allows FX trading to be accessible anywhere. Thus, an investor can rather invest in Stocks or Forex to get the benefits of the money stored in the form of Gold.

    Few advantages of trading in Forex when compared to Physical Gold Investment are stated below-

  • Suitable for short term results
  • Easy Conversion to Cash
  • Ease of trading electronically
  • High volatility with many opportunities
  • Getting involved in the biggest Financial Markets
  • Wide range of products to trade

Step by step

Gold Loan Process

Check before applying

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. The Loan is sanctioned based on weight, purity, and the long-term sentiments of gold.
  2. 2. The funds provided as a loan can be utilised only in Forex Trading.
  3. 3. Opting for PMS Service is mandatory.
  4. 4. Partner and Partnership will have no involvement in it.
  5. 5. Funds from the Loan Amount cannot be withdrawn for personal use.
  6. 6. The purity accepted is 22Carat and 24Carat.
  7. 7. The minimum quantity accepted is 100gms.
  8. 8. Age of the applicant should be above 18 years
  9. 9. In case of emergency withdrawal can be made at any point of time after the completion of one year
  10. 10. After the client repays the loan amount, the physical gold will be returned
  11. 11. Tenure: The service of Gold Loan can be availed from 1 year to 5 years. The applicant can choose the tenure according to their need and comfort. Furthermore, the applicant also has an option of renewal of the loan.


  • A detailed report is generated after evaluation and sent to the applicant.
  • A Loan is sanctioned after acknowledgement of the Gold assessment report.
  • The Lock-in period for investment will be one year, which will be extended year to year

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  • Acknowledgement:
  • The sanctioned loan amount must be repaid completely to regain the physical Gold.
    I acknowledge the full scope of the risks entailed in Forex trading as per your Risk Disclaimer. I agree to provide all verification documents required and to abide by the Terms & Conditions of this site.