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Trading Signal Services by EFD Group

EFD Group is specialized in providing trading signals for currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. We have a team of experienced technical analysts, fundamental analysts and risk managers having the knowledge of more than 15 years in the relevant field. We provide the signals through various modes which our clients can use in their personal account and since the launch of this service, we have achieved a consistent accuracy of 85% in our trading signals. Our expert advisory team from London, United States, Switzerland and Dubai suggest you with most effective strategies, which can enhance and grow your electronic business (Forex trading and stock market).

Our trading signal services helps you in building a roadmap to achieve your targets, through working on specific strategies, which are designed and well tested by our trading experts and risk managers. Our consulting services help you to achieve the specific goal in the given frame of time. The goals can be either on the short term, mid term or a long-term basis depending on the need and financial management of the client.

Reasons to choose our Trading Signal Services

Most of the traders across the world thinks that every company provide similar trading services to the clients, but the reality of this market is far different from the perceptions. There are many things, like signal accuracy, standard take profit and stop loss, which a company should keep in mind while providing trading signal services to the clients. Discipline is must in forex trading. You can not generate consistent profit by getting lots of signals from the providers. Our company believes in providing high quality and rewarding trading signals to the clients. We do not have any complicated rules or confusing software for our trading signal services. Our technical team will analyze market under the supervision of risk managers and clients just have to follow to get consistent results from the market. Our team will do all the hard work on the behalf of our clients. Our trading signal services is fruitful for both fresher and experienced traders, as trader always look for maximum yield with little time for workout. We are specialized in designing trading strategies, depending upon the investment of the clients, along with proper risk management.

Our clients will get multiple benefits including:
- Complete access to the live trading platform so that they can trade from office or home.
- Proper risk management (standard stop loss and take profit) and trading strategies to spend minimum time in front of market.
- Facility to interact with our trading experts, risk managers and other traders across the world.
- Well analyzed signals with clear entry and exit levels.
- 24/7 instant support services to solve all your queries.
- Learn about various technical analysis including forex market basics and chart workout.

Additional benefits for our clients

Electronic market is highly risky & if you want to invest your funds safely in this market, you should have a team of experienced analysts & risk managers with you. We are specialized in providing accurate signals with more than 80% accuracy. You do not require any experience as our trading signals are extremely easy and comes with the explanation. With every step, call it major or minor, some percentage of risk is involved. Our risk management services helps you identify, assess and monitor the effectiveness of any strategy in terms of risk involved or permissible risk tolerable. This prevents you from facing huge losses in term of time and monetary. More specific consulting or advisory service can be taken depending upon the need of client and customer.

Risk Management

We have strong risk management team to care of your overall account positions.

Professional Trading

We are famous for providing the most reliable and consistent trading signals.

Low subscription fees

Our subscription fees is very nominal which all type of trades can afford.

Our Support

We are famous for 24/7 outstanding support services to our clients and partners.

Global Exposure

We have tie ups with reputed financial institutes in more than 120 countries across the globe.

Market Analysis

Reports and analysis by our technical experts are highly resourceful and profitable.

Trading Signal Services


 I acknowledge that transactions in Forex instruments are risky and may result in the loss of the full amount I have invested. I also acknowledge the full scope of the risks entailed in Forex trading as per your full Risk Disclaimer. I agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions of this site.
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