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    Turning metals into

    timeless treasures

    of value and beauty

Golden opportunities,

Silver Linings

EFD Group gives an online investment platform where physical Gold & Silver bars or coins can be sold, acquired, put away or recovered by any retailer, wholesalers, diamond setters, establishments and banks. These exchanges can be done in all divisions at extremely focused costs in an exceedingly effective and helpful way.

All Investors (Individuals, Corporations, or Banks) can purchase/offer once a day 24/5 through the live spot business sector rates. This stage additionally permits clients to recover the physical bars/coins through the conveyance of the things to their doorstep. Every piece of gold metal is 24 Carat, with a Purity of 995 or 999.9 (Subject to customer solicitation).

Timeless Value, Enduring Wealth

Why Choose Gold?

A History of Holding Value
Gold has maintained its value throughout the ages and is less susceptible to fluctuations and market turbulences than other investment assets. Being physically attractive, gold has always been seen as a way to pass on and preserve families’ wealth from one generation to another.

Portfolio Diversification
Properly diversified investment portfolios combine gold with stocks and bonds to reduce the overall volatility and risks.

Long-Term Value
Gold’s prices tend to increase over time in response to events that usually cause the value of other investment assets, such as stocks and bonds, to decline. Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it maintains its value over the long term. Through the years, it has served as a hedge against inflation and the erosion of major currencies and is a smart investment.

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Gold Is Money
Everything Else
Is Credit

Why investment in

Physical Metals?

EFD Group possesses different exchanging elements included in online bullion exchanging of physical gold and silver, gold mining and refining commercial enterprises and substances serving the money related foundations for gold logistics. We work closely to lead, develop and beat in conveying clients' desires by giving top to bottom statistical surveying after capable, solid and tweaked forward exchanging arrangements while focusing on the most noteworthy moral measures in all our pragmatic perspectives. EFD Group plans to turn into an unmistakable benefactor in reinforcing the territorial economy and beating the business as one of the key players in the global markets of metal expertise.

Secure Deals

We believe in secure and transparent deal between the client and the company.


We deals with reputed precious metals investment companies in the world.

One stop solution

With EFD Group, get one stop solution for all your physical metal needs.

Our Support

We are famous for 24/7 online support services to our clients and partners.

Global Exposure

We have tie ups in more than 120 countries across the globe.

Market Analysis

Reports & analysis by our market professionals are highly resourceful.

Where Gold Speaks,
Every Tongue
Is Silent

Empowering your

Wealth Journey

Every piece of valuable metal meets and satisfies the global Good Delivery Standards. EFD Group is among the recent companies in Middle East consolidated in Dubai - UAE, for Gold & Silver, bullion being its center business movement. We have tie ups with leading firm licensed under the business of buying and selling of physical metals. EFD Group is driven by an accomplished group of prepared bullion experts which gives expertise and advice to firms in the business and picking up a right opportunity as a developing business member in the gold markets.

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EFD Group offers its customers a wide range of services to physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum etc. Our world-class technology offers you the facility to invest in real metals. We have tie ups with leading firm licensed under the business of buying and selling of physical metals. Every piece of valuable metal meets delivery standard.