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Electronic Business with EFD Group

From our beginning as a little organization, EFD Group has developed to a world-class company that deals also deals in electronic stuff. Our revelations, creations, and high-quality products have permitted us to be a pioneer in these fields, continually pushing the commercial ventures forward. We at EFD group represent the face of electronics industry in Dubai. We deal in wide range of electronic products such as laptops, watches, camera, mobile phones, IT peripherals etc. Not just this, we have franchises of many industries in Dubai, providing them with world-class electronics and gadgets. From our developments in electronics, EFD Group offers impactful encounters every day with individuals around the world. Through our commitment to develop predominant products and administrations over all regions of our business, we endeavor to upgrade the lives of individuals all around and convey a positive change to our general surroundings.

Our mission is straightforward: It's giving you the opportunity to take adventures; to find new encounters; to assume responsibilities of your reality. It's the ability to join who you are today with, who you need to be tomorrow. In an evolving world, we're evolving at a rapid pace. We are steady in our quest for revelation and development, making advancements and giving administrations that will succeed in future, opening the way to a universe of ample opportunities in the field of electronics. We measure our growth in our business accomplishments, as well as by how well we serve our group, ensuring our asset, and have any kind of effect in individuals' lives. We grasp our obligation to contribute to society, making a move far and wide to cultivate a superior society, ensuring and enhance the nature and power of electronics.

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We believe in secure & transparent deal between the client & the company.


We are dealing with highly reputed electronic manufacturing companies.

One stop solution

With EFD Group, you will get one stop solution for all your gadget needs.

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We are famous for 24/7 online support services to our clients.

Global Exposure

We have tie ups in more than 120 countries across the globe.

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Keep yourself updated with upcoming gadgets with EFD Group.

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EFD Group offers its customers a wide range of services to invest their funds in the world's biggest electronic market business. We have tie up with the companies dealing in world class watches, electronic items etc. Not just this, we have franchises of many industries in Dubai, providing them with world-class electronics and gadgets.

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What our clients says

It gives us immense satisfaction in knowing that our clients are enjoying the electronic business with our company. We are thankful to our clients who take the time to acknowledge our work satisfaction by providing us there valuable feedback. Few of them are listed below:

My electronic business touched new heights after tie up with EFD Group.
Miss Jenny / England

EFD helpded me in buying an amazing watches in Dubai.
Miss Arshi / Dubai

I joined EFD Group for my electronic business and now I am very happy .
Mr Steyn / Hong Kong

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